About 3APT

Three Angels Present Truth (3APT), is an independent Christian ministry based in Nigeria, Edo State. Our aim is to established the inhabitants of the earth, with the present truth messages, and before the closing of probation for humanity; according to 2Peter 1:12; Rev. 22:11-12. To prepare the inhabitants of the earth, through the proclamations of the everlasting Gospel of the kingdom of God: A message to all those that dwell on the surface of the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, through the aid of Three Angels Present Truth messages in Rev. 14: 6-12; Matt. 24:14. And Christ’s is the anchor of this ministry.

The three-fold of our Ministry, comprise: Teaching, Preaching, and Healing Ministry (See Matt. 4:23).

To fuel 3APT public Seminar and Publishing.
You can contact us, through the below contacts:
Email: paulomorogieva@3apt.org
Phone contact: 07033278665

Paul Omorogieva is the Speaker/Director for 3APT Ministry in Nigeria.